This is another common sight in much of the world. Children with bloated bellies from both malnutrition and parasites. Parasites worsen malnutrition and malnutrition makes children vulnerable to all kinds of infections, including parasites. It is a vicious cycle, but the cycle can be broken! A child can be relieved of soil and water-borne parasites for a very low cost.

Parasites cause a tremendous burden on the health of children and adults!

MAMA Project works with Worm Project and others to carry out mass deworming with albendazole for intestinal parasites. We also use Praziquantel for water-borne Schistosomiasis.

  • Albendazole costs $0.03 twice a year.
  • Praziquantel dose is once a year and may be donated or may cost $0.16/per tablet. Dose varies from 1⁄2 for an infant to 6 tablets for a very large adult.
  • Cost is in the distribution and coordination of campaigns.