Global Health & Child Survival Resources

Many of these organizations have up-to-date COVID-19 information resources.

Christian Connections for International Health

CDC Chlorination Information for Water Decontamination

CORE Group

GAVI-The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations

Gates Foundation

Hesperian Foundation
Source of Where there is no doctor. Excellent health teaching, multilingual, and COVID-19 fact sheets.

La Leche League International

Maternal & Child Health Integrated Program

MAMA Project

Nutrition International

Right to Food

Save the Children

Sight and Life Foundation

Standing Committee on Nutrition

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

UNICEF – United Nation’s Children’s Fund
They promote work and keep data on state of the world’s children – their health, rights, diseases, mortality. They summarize and report by region and country.

United Nations World Food Programme

United States Agency for International Development

University of Maryland Dental School
Search for Dr. Cyril Enwonwu and Noma.

The Worm Project

Vitamin Angels
They give grants of deworming meds and training for distribution. Their teaching aids are focused on sites of distribution of albendazole and Vitamin A safely to 6-60 month old children. They give certification of community and staff workers and train the trainer guidance.

WHO – World Health Organization
United Nations Agency for international public health. Reliable information, training on health and disease, especially neglected diseases of poverty. Click below to download software to evaluate the growth of children and communities for both acute and chronic malnutrition:

Recommended Information Resources

Anemia Prevention & Control Toolkit

A Tipping Point for Child Survival, Health & Nutrition
By Lake, Anthony. UNICEF. Published in The Lancet. September 20, 2012

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation | 2023 Report: Imagine A World

Catalytic Opportunity Fund for Introduction and Scale-Up of New and Lesser-Used Postpartum Hemorrhage Medicines (NLUM-PPH)
The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition Maternal Health Caucus announces a new small-grants mechanism to increase access to new and lesser-used medicines for postpartum hemorrhage (NLUM-PPH) capable of preventing and treating PPH.

Community workers key to improving Africa’s primary care.
The Lancet. By Brown, H.

Equity in Child Survival, Health & Nutrition 1
Published in The Lancet.  September 20, 2012.

Equity in Child Survival, Health & Nutrition 2
Published in The Lancet.  September 20, 2012

Effects of vitamin A supplementation on immune responses and coorelation with clinical outcomes.
Fawsi and Villamor. Clinical Microbiology Reviews.

Ending Child Hunger and Undernutrition Initiative.
World Health Programme.

Global Case Studies in Maternal and Child Health
By White, Ruth.

Hesperian Foundation
Download excellent resources in many languages.

How to Start a Child Survival Epidemic.
By Shepherd, S. Posted 10/4/2012

Neglected diseases of neglected populations: Thinking to reshape the determinants of health in Latin America and the Caribbean.
BMC Public Health.

Proposed recommended nutrient densities for moderately malnourished children.
By Golden, Michael

The Politics of Reducing Malnutrition: Building Commitment and Accelerating Progress.
By Gillespie, Dr. Stuart.  The Lancet. 10 August 2013

Safe Mother & Baby Toolkit

Schistosomiasis: The effectiveness of water treatment processes against schistosome cercariae: A systematic review

Published 2 April, 2018 by Laura Braun, Jack E.T. Grimes, Michael R. Templeton