Get Involved

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Celebrate a special milestone like a birthday, anniversary, or memory of a loved one by asking your friends and family to give to needy children in your honor or their memory.

Creative Gift Giving

  • Employer matched gifts
  • Memorial gifts
  • Join a MAMA fundraiser or start your own.
  • Be the MAMA contact person for your church, school, or family group.

Corporate Giving Options

  • Direct donations to cover food supplement costs, radio programs, deworming costs.
  • Matching employees’ gifts
  • Promotions: Donate a percentage of sales.
  • Add village health workers to your “payroll”.
  • Sponsor special fundraising drives at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other holiday.
  • Place collection canisters in your business locations for employees or customers. We can send you the canisters.
  • Ask your local service club – Rotary International, Lions, Kiwanis, or professional organizations – that could donate time or materials.
  • Sponsor purchase of large and small budget, life-saving medical and clean water equipment for hospitals and clinics in resource-poor settings.


Think about what you can donate or buy at our next auction! Online for now, but after COVID, we hope to be together again for banquets and auctions. Be in touch!

Be a MAMA Project Promoter

Be the contact person for MAMA in your church or other organization. Join our email list to get the latest news, so you can be the one to pass on the stories and updates. YOU can become a voice for the voiceless, and help to raise awareness and support!

Service Teams

For now, we are not taking Service Teams, but take a look at our latest Service Team Manual for a glimpse into what is involved.

Purchase MAMA Tools

If you’re interested in purchasing MAMA tools: Infantometer, Micro and Macro Nutrients. Hemoglobin Color Scale, or MUAC armbands, please contact us.