It takes a healthy village to raise a healthy child.

About MAMA Project

MAMA Project’s mission is to be a network to promote health and wholeness through partnerships on many levels, both national and international. MAMA promotes community health through medical service teams, deworming, micronutrients, and clean water solutions.

We work with families, communities, and other organizations including health authorities to improve conditions for the most vulnerable. We work to bring the benefits of science-based medical and nutritional interventions to people that are hard to reach.


MAMA promotes and distributes a two bucket water filtration and chlorination system to provide pure water in homes, schools, and clinics.


MAMA Project works on many levels to prevent and treat parasites that come from contaminated soil, food, and water. By working with policymakers in the government, coordinating with other organizations, and doing mass deworming campaigns, we are making a great impact on the health of children and adults.


The most common underlying cause of preventable deaths in children is malnutrition. Whether mild, moderate, or severe, malnutrition has consequences for the life and health of children. It is 100% preventable and curable!

Medical Brigades

Visiting medical brigades occupy a special niche in promoting community health. Community Health Workers, local nurses, and local doctors are the true pillars of health care for many of those communities.

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